Student portrait: Naieya Madhvani

Master's programme: Global Health 2012-2013
Country of residence: England
Year of birth: 1987

Naieya had made multiple visits to Stockholm which in turn resulted in a desire to spend a longer period of time in the city. Suitably enough, in Stockholm was also a master's programme that suited her like hand in glove - the Global Master's Programme in Global Health at Karolinska Institutet.

She expected the programme to be truly global, and it has so far lived up to her expectations:

'The programme consists of students from all over the world, just as I expected and much to my delight! It makes the global health course, much more realistic with students who can bring to the table actual experiences and real life encounters. The lecturers also come from varied backgrounds, which I expected and which I very much like. It makes each lecture different and you always learn not only about the topic but also about the personal background of that individual&often with lecturers who have very unique and intriguing things to say about themselves!'

Her best memory from her first semester also has to do with the eclectic bunch of people in her class:

My class is a very friendly, all-encompassing class which I'm very proud to be a part of!

She believes that the reputation and world ranking of Karolinska Institutet will help her get a head start once she is ready to start her career. Global Health is her passion - and this master's degree is hopefully a valuable stepping stone toward a job that she loves.


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