Student portrait: Karthik Maddi

Master's programme: Biomedicine
Country of residence: India
Year of birth: 1988
Year of graduation: 2012

Most researchers today are connected to the pharmaceutical industry and the development of new drugs. Karthik Maddi, who has started the Master's Programme in Biomedicine, is more interested in basic research and new discoveries that are made long before a new drug is invented.

'I want to work with something that is basic and this research should be able to be applied widely. Currently there are many challenges within biomedicine, among them is personalised medicine. Designing cheaper genome sequencing methods and investigating various biological markers for different diseases can give patients a more individual based medication.'

Karthik Maddi feels a need for a more comprehensive approach in life science research.

'There is too much focus on individual variables today even though we know that many different factors are working together to cause illnesses. A holistic approach towards solving a problem is of high need. Integration of systems biology knowledge might help us achieving this goal.'

Karthik Maddis motto in life is 'Service to mankind through science' and that is something he tries to live by. Besides research he enjoys music, politics, culture and meeting people, and some of these interests he hopes to find in his future work.

His next step within the academic world is to take a PhD, but in a longer perspective he would like to start his own biomedicine company, preferably with some colleagues.

You don't always need a lot of money to start a company in the beginning but you do need to be very, very devoted to your ideas.


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