Student portrait: Ioana Vlad

Master's programme: Public Health Sciences - Health Economics, Policy and Management 2011-2013
Country of residence: Romania 
Year of birth: 1989

Wanting to help people lead better and healthier lives led Ioana Vlad to look for master's programmes with a health sciences profile. The Global Master's Programme in Public Health Sciences at Karolinska Institutet in combination with the international reputation and prestige of the university made her decide where to go.

The programme has fulfilled her expectations as well as provided her with some surprises.

'We are encouraged to express our opinions about what would be best for us in terms of learning, what to do to improve different courses, and are also given feedback when needed.'

She is happy with the teaching methods at Karolinska Institutet.

I am amazed at the wonderful opportunities studying here offers. Teachers are involved in so many projects and they are open to involving students in them. This is a good start for getting an idea of what it will mean to work in the field of public health.

Studying at Karolinska Institutet seems to be on her path to a bright future, because Ioana Vlad has her eyes set on making the world a better place.

'I want to make a difference, hopefully for my country, Romania. It is in dire need of people who can make a difference, who can initiate some change. I am aware of how idealistic and naïve that sounds, but there are so many people who achieve that. Why still believe it is impossible?'


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