Student portrait: Hok Ting Yau

Master's programme: Bioentrepreneurship
Country of residence: Hong Kong
Year of birth: 1988
Currently working in Stockholm

The open and international atmosphere at Karolinska Institutet (KI) was one of the important reasons that led Hok Ting Yau to apply for the Master's Programme in Bioentreprenurship here.

'Gaining new knowledge and learning about new methods are important, but for me it is equally important to develop an understanding of other cultures. The students come from all parts of the world and approach situations in different ways such as how to meet deadlines, how to present a project, how to formulate their conclusions in reports and so on. Sometimes it is more important to create a good atmosphere and kinship in a group than it is to reach the most perfect result.'

Hok Ting Yau has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical and Bioproduct Engineering from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He believes the master's programme at KI will be a very good complement to his former technical studies. In the future he would like to work as a consultant in the life science industry. He feels he can act as a bridge between Chinese investors and European or American research companies and is already working hard to create a network.

In his spare time he dances street dance at Danscenter in Stockholm, and will appear at a show with a group in June 2011. Training street dance takes up five nights a week!

In the meantime, Hok Ting Yau tries to learn Swedish:

I have a deal with myself to try to talk Swedish with my Swedish friends at least five minutes a day per person. That makes for quite a bit of practice under a normal day.


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