Student portrait: Dina Titkova

Master's programme: Bioentrepreneurship 2012-2014
Country of residence: Russia
Year of birth: 1984

Dina studied Electronic Engineering of Biomedial Systems back home in Moscow. When looking for a master's programme to take, she was drawn in by the uniqueness of the Bioenrepreneurship programme, which combines business, management and entrepreneurship and how it can be applied on biomedical sciences. Karolinska Institutet's high ranking among medical universities worldwide helped convince her further that Stockholm and Karolinska Institutet was where she wanted to be.

The programme, as the first semester is coming to an end, has met up to her expectations:

'So far we have had very interesting courses which provided us with basic business knowledge and some prospectives how to use it in practice.'

She has, among other things, been trying her hand at presenting her own business idea and meeting guest lecturers from a number of different companies in the biomedical industry.

Apart from her studies, she is enjoying the student life on campus - mentioning in particular a Halloween party arranged by the student union MF, which was well visited by her class and involved creative costumes in the air of true entrepreneurs.

When it is time to pursue a career after she graduates she is absolutely sure that her degree from Karolinska Institutet will help her on her way. In ten years time, she envisions herself helping the health care sector improve:

I see myself communicating both with physicians and patients, trying to change healthcare services to the best they can be.


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