Student portrait: Debora Masini

Current studies: Advanced course in Neuroscience (PhD level)
Educational background: Bachelor and Licentiate in Biology
Country of residence: Brazil (Sao Paolo)
Year of birth: 1985

Debora Masini remembers her first visit to Karolinska Institutet fondly:

'I was not a student then. It was mid summer and I was visiting Sweden with my parents. My father brought me to the main entrance (of Karolinska Institutet) and said 'You go in and check it out. I will come back in the future when you are studying here...'

Years later she is back on campus, studying for a PhD in Neuroscience. She picked Karolinska Institutet for its reputation for top research, and this study destination just happened to be in Sweden. But, she had heard of and appreciated Swedish culture and history before coming here and wasn't at all worried that she would fit in. She is an adventurous person and wanted to experience new places, doing her final Bachelor's project in Canada and her Master's degree in Spain before venturing over to Northern Europe.

She believes she is in the right place:

Students here are dedicated, and I believe they understand what a great opportunity they have of being in such place. Similarly, most professors are passionate about their subjects.

She is not sure exactly what the future holds, but wants to keep doing what she loves:

'Science has a intriguing way of changing over time. All I know is that I will be working with neuroscience.'

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