Student portrait: Asma Islam

Master's programme: Toxicology
Country of residence: Bangladesh
​Year of birth: 1988

Asma Islam was born and brought up in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. She completed her Bachelors studies in biochemistry and biotechnology in Bangladesh. Karolinska Institutet's reputation for groundbreaking research and the fact that it is one of the leading institutes in Europe were the main reasons that led Asma Islam to apply for the Master's Programme in Toxicology here. She had long been dreaming about coming to KI and worked hard to be selected for this programme.

The master's programme in Toxicology has fulfilled her expectations after her first semester:

'Sweden and Karolinska Institutet has been wonderful so far, with a relaxed and yet efficient work ethic. The programme started off with the basics and now is gradually getting more concentrated on the different aspects of toxicology. The classes and assignments give students enough time to understand the topic and also grow.'

Her fondest memory of her time as a Karolinska Institutet student so far is the programme introduction trip to Finnhamn, an island in the archipelago of Stockholm, together with her classmates and professors. She is particularly happy with the student-teacher relationship at Karolinska Institutet:

The professors and researchers are open to all kinds of ideas and queries which makes it easier for the students to communicate.

Asma Islam hopes that the fact that she will have a degree from a world renowned university as well as from one of the oldest and most respected Toxicology programmes will give her a competitive advantage in gaining a good research position in the fields of Biochemical or Molecular toxicology.


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