Student portrait: Andrea Dominguez

Master's programme: Public Health Sciences - Epidemiology
Country of residence: Mexico

Year of birth: 1983

The Master's Programme in Public Health Sciences provides a global perspective on public health issues as well as the opportunity to get in-depth knowledge in a number of areas by choosing a track within the programme as well as elective courses and independent projects. Andrea Dominguez chose the Epidemiology track, which focuses on disease prevention and evaluation, for her master studies.

'I chose Sweden, but especially Karolinska Institutet for my masters studies because I was seeking for an improvement in my profession's research skills by learning in depth from the outmost experienced medical researchers worldwide known and recognized.'

Even though she's not even at half of the program yet, her expectations have been fulfilled:

I've been learning so much that I can say motivation has arisen in every step of the way.

Apart from her studies she loves to write, and she is also a Digital Ambassador for Karolinska Institutet which gives her the opportunity to share her experiences trough her student blog.

She is not sure where she will end up in the future, but she believes that the reputation and world ranking of Karolinska Institutet will help her on the way to keep doing what she loves:

'I picture myself practicing medicine in parallel to clinical research. I would love to have the chance to keep doing both, and teach and motivate others on how to do it as well. On the other hand, I wish to continuously and actively help my country to a truly change and improve its health-care system.'


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