Student portrait: Anda Roxana Gliga

Master's programme: Toxicology
Country of residence: Romania

Year of birth: 1986
Year of graduation: 2012

Anda Roxana Gliga has a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy and is now studying the Master's Programme in Toxicology at Karolinska Institutet (KI).

'Toxicology is an intriguing interdisciplinary topic. Its challenging to see how food, medicines, cosmetics and environmental chemicals can interact in the human body in different ways. Even if we study at the Institute of Environmental Medicine we are specialised not only in environmental issues, but study toxicology with a much broader perspective.'

Anda Roxana Gliga would like to continue with her academic studies and become a qualified researcher in questions that focus on the safety of medicines, with emphasis on nanomedicine.

The opportunity to meet other scientists and researchers and attending great lectures is one of the best parts of studying at KI.

We get a chance to network with scientists, which is good for future professional contacts.

The Master's Programme in Toxicology is suitable for students with previous education in biomedicine, biology, cellular and molecular biology, pharmaceutics, chemistry, medicine or biotechnology.

'My advice to students who want to apply to the Master's Programme in Toxicology is to put a lot of enthusiasm and energy in studying as it will always be an advantage in the end.'

Attending KI and living in Stockholm is really great, she adds:

'And the weather isn't as bad as the rumours say!'


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