Student portrait: Aminul Islam

Master's programme: Health Informatics
Country of residence: Bangladesh
Year of birth: 1982
Year of graduation: 2012

Aminul Islam's studies at Karolinska Institutet (KI) have not only provided him with an insight into health informatics - they have also given him a chance to develop as a person and the possibility of taking on many of the challenges life offers. He believes that working as a digital ambassador for KI and as a student representative for Health Informatics has given him even more inspiration and courage to grow as a whole.

"Nowadays I feel my dreams are not constrained by any boundaries and that is a great feeling. I came here and found out that it is possible to help other people as long as you are in the right environment. For me KI is that kind of place. My way of thinking has changed. I am more creative now and have many ideas that I feel can be achieved."

Aminul Islam comes from Barisal, Bangladesh. He would like to return home after his studies to develop health services there with the help of new technology. With two master's degrees he feels ready for the task. One of these comes from the master's programme at KI and the other is a Master's Degree in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

"I want to develop user-friendly technology that is cheap and easy to apply in low income countries. For the most part it is about modifying solutions that already exist to work in a different environment."

Aminul Islam thinks that the most important issue in Bangladesh is to create awareness among ordinary people about preventive healthcare. This can be about very basic questions such as hygiene, clean water, maternal health and so on:

E-health can play an important part of this puzzle by sharing knowledge with the help of diagnostic aids and also by organizing workshops and other activities that benefit team building. One single trained person with an online computer can help an entire region.

According to Aminul Islam, many doctors in Bangladesh see computers as a threat. They might ask questions like "Will the computer replace me as a doctor?" En entire profession has to come to grips with its doubts and learn to accept computers as a working tool.

"I'm convinced that this is possible and that we can make a real change..."


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