Stephanie Juran

Position: Postdoc at the Psychology Unit Department of Clinical Neuroscience (CNS).

For Stephanie, it was not only Karolinska Institutet’s outstanding reputation that brought her to Stockholm but also Sweden’s culture and working environment. She was very happy with the country’s family-friendly society and therefore felt comfortable moving here with her husband and 3 children.

KI offers a very attractive combination of highly demanding yet stimulating and varied research work together with large freedom to organize my duties in a tolerant and open working environment. This combination offers the perfect prerequisite for a good work-life balance.”

Stephanie’s research looks at human olfaction and how odours influence our daily life, specifically on the relationship between our sense of smell and the immune system. She is impressed by the high quality of research being performed in KI labs and the leading researchers she encounters on a daily basis.

Hoping that her research at KI will help her publish and contribute to international peer-reviewed journals, she also hopes to have her own start-up research group in the future. Stephanie realizes she is in a unique position as a digital ambassador, as an international researcher and a mother, and is excited to blog about her time here.

Blogging about my daily life as both researcher at KI and mother of three children, I hope to provide valuable information for other colleagues in similar positions.”

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