Sofia Morsing - Biomedicine bachelor's student from Sweden

Bachelor's programme: Biomedicine bachelor
Country of residence: Sweden
Year of birth: 1989

"Once I started the programme it was even better than I expected. I felt that our in depth knowledge of the processes in the body exceeded the medical students', and the international focus appealed greatly to me. I wasn’t even aware of the possibilities of doing exchanges in the third and sixth (last) semester, or the beneficial rumor KI has abroad, so that was a pleasant surprise."

Sofia's best memories of studying at KI are from the fun exchange she did to Leiden University in the Netherlands. None of the students in the group that went knew each other very well before going, but they really came together during that semester and shared a lot of fantastic experiences, and some not so fantastic. Sofia says:

"It was hard work but a lot of fun and one of those things you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Both my degree from Karolinska and my exchanges with Leiden University and the spring semester of 2014 to Imperial College of London, will probably be very beneficial when applying for my next step. As these are all top schools in the country they are situated."

Sofia has not decided exactly what to do after her studies, but she has an interest in becoming a medical doctor and would like to have the opportunity to meet patients. However, she would still like to do a Ph.D.  - since she also loves the lab.

"Eventually I think I will aim for both and become an MD/Ph.D. But that is within a 20-year plan. And maybe I’ll change my mind along the way. What I do know is that 10 years from now I want to live abroad, I’ll be working within the field of medicine, and I’ll never be sorry that I did this bachelor."      

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