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How can you benefit from participating in one of our courses? Read and watch the references from some of our previous participants.

“The organization will profit from the experience”

Ursula Sottong, physician and master of public health, is leading the national competence centre for dementia health care of Malteser in Germany. As one of our Silvia doctors she  will adapt some of the methods of education used by Silviahemmet and Karolinska Institutet to her own organisation, Malteser Deutschland.

The Master's Courses is a web-based education, the teachers are researchers in the dementia field and interaction between the participants are stimulated. How do you like the web format?

– If it hadn´t been a web course I would not have managed. The web format means that I had access to all parts of he education anytime and anywhere. It is a very interesting course but also hard work for two years. The web format made it possible to combine with daily work

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“The student network made learning interactive and insightful”

Junichiro Toya participated in the Master's Courses in Dementia Care for Physicians and graduated as a Silvia doctor. He is a family practitioner at the Sakura-shinmachi urban clinic in Musashino, Japan, who cares for patients with dementia in their homes.

How useful will the education be in your profession?

– I learned about dementia care systematically and comprehensively in this master course. And I will now try to make an education system for dementia care for family physicians in Japan.

During the course I have learned about dementia care in various phases of the disease, systematically and holistically. From dementia screening, diagnosis, management of behavioral and psychotic symptoms of dementia, BPSD, to terminal care and supporting of the family. All subjects and themes in the course were provided with practical exercises and patient cases from the viewpoint of the daily practice as a physician. It has made me reflect upon my clinical practice and rethink what I can do best for my patients as a general practitioner.

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Course Description
Master's Courses in Dementia Care for Physicians and Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists Unique education that addresses a wide range of aspects, from the latest research, diagnosis and treatment to organisational models for dementia care.
Biobanking as a resource for biomedical research 1 week course on the value of biobanks and how to use these rich sources of samples and related data.
Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship Programme 3 week course for public health authorities from Kazakstan.
Antimicrobial Resistance Karolinska Institutet Executive and Professional Education developed a course in antimicrobial resistance as a contract education tailored to WHO fellows from India. 
Training Program in Disease Control and Prevention

Training Program in Disease Control and Prevention for the Chinese Province Gansu.