Ragashree Setty - Health Informatics student from India

Ragashree Setty studying

Master's Programme: Health Informatics
Country of residence: India
Year of birth: 1984

With a background in medicine and a post graduate diploma in Medical Law and Ethics, Ragashree has the goal to take all the skills she gains from the Health Informatics Programme to shape the future of Healthcare.

Her best memories from the programme so far has been to do with the people she has met while studying at Karolinska Institutet.

It’s just been a few days at KI but I have had many wonderful moments. Interacting with peers with varied backgrounds coming from different parts of the world is a very cherishing experience.

After having lived in over 20 different cities in 3 continents she doesn’t have to explain that she loves travelling. She is also very happy with Sweden so far and feels lucky to have moved to Sweden a few months earlier than her peers and lucky because she has had the time to explore, learn the language, check out the royal wedding, meet Prince Daniel and so much more.

I chose to study at Karolinska Institutet because it’s one of Europe’s largest and most prestigious universities and that it´s well known for high- quality research and education.

She believes that a degree from Karolinska Institutet absolutely opens up the doors to a future career within Health Informatics. Mostly because the programme is a very uniquely designed interdisciplinary course and helps in getting industry contact from both public and private sectors and provides us with knowledge and competency required by the industry.

The programme has so far met up to her expectations.

Absolutely! The Health Informatics Programme has both medical and technical courses depending on your prior education and thus, you acquire knowledge from the other. The Programme trains you to critically analyze information and to learn from peers.

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