Preethi Ranguram Pillai - Biomedicine graduate from Singapore

Preethi Ranguram Pillai






Programme: Master of Biomedicine 
From: Singapore
Born: 1991

"I heard about KI from my university back home. It was very reputable and I was intrigued by the content of the programme itself. I had never been to Sweden but I had heard a lot of positive comments about it. So, I decided to apply to Karolinska Institutet and I am definitely not regretting the decision."

Preethi feels that the programme has met up to her expectations so far. She likes the focus that every student gets from the professor. She also appreciates the fact that this programme puts as much emphasis in improving their scientific writing and communication skills as the biomedical content itself.

When asking Preethi about her best memory so far, she says:

"I cannot choose a specific moment but I enjoyed the numerous opportunities that I had to interact and get to know a large number of international students."

Preethi thinks with no doubt that her degree will be of importance for her future career. KI is very reputable, especially for biomedical research. KI has ties with her previous university, The National University of Singapore where she studied a Bachelor of Science. Preethi has Life Sciences as a major and specialized in Biomedical Sciences. KI also has connections with various research companies back in Singapore. Therefore, she feels that a degree from KI definitely will help her with job applications.

"In ten years I hope I will be doing research because I really have a passion for it. I want to be conducting research either in the field of neuroscience or cancer. Which of them it will be I will decide by the end of this master's programme."


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A day in the life of Preethi Pillai, Master of Biomedicine student from Singapore

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Let Preethi, our biomedicine graduate give you her perspective on beeing a student at KI.

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