Olivia Miossec - Biomedicine graduate from France

Programme: Master of Biomedicine
From: France
Born: 1991

Updated: After graduating Olivia started working as a research assistent here at KI with the research group Chrast

Olivia was drawn to complete her masters programme in biomedicine at the Karolinska Institutet for many reasons, largely due to her interest in neurodegenerative diseases. She was drawn by Karolinska Institutet’s reputation as a leading medical university dedicated to its research to the improvement of health and Sweden’s reputation in general as a country that celebrates science and innovation.

Apart from the thrill of the unknown, it was the social model and physical beauty of this country which further convinced me to move there. It also happens to be one of the leading countries in science and innovation. All in all, why wouldn’t I want to move to the land of Alfred Nobel and Rune Elmqvist?!

After arriving in Stockholm, Olivia has been entranced by the nature she has found in the city, from the many parks and lakes, to the cobbled stress of Gamla Stan. But mostly, she is so happy to be surrounded by water.

I love the sea. I could probably take the ferry back and forth from Djugarden all day long with the breeze in my face and feel quite content (I may change my mind when winter comes).

Although only the beginning of the year, Olivia is already feeling a kinship with her classmates and enjoying her courses. She is especially impressed by her professors and KI’s approach to learning.

The teachers are extremely helpful, encourage questions and contributions and are easy to contact. It has been a truly positive learning experience so far.

All in all, Olivia is looking forward to using her knowledge she obtains in her next two years towards her passion for researching neurodegenerative diseases, more specifically Parkinson’s disease. She is thrilled to be completing her studies at Karolinska and is enjoying her time both in Stockholm and at KI.

What I love about KI is that international students are not only accepted, they are celebrated.


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Photo by D. Humphreys

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