Olivia Biermann

Position: Research assistant and project coordinator at the Dept.of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME).

Olivia works in Public Health Sciences and Global Health and has been very impressed about how Karolinska has made the world seem smaller and more connected.

It makes the world feel smaller. I made friends for life, met public health professionals, and learned about projects – all over the whole wide world. This is great, and incredibly exciting and enriching.”

Olivia wanted to be a Digital Ambassador to blog about her life and work as a research assistant. She hopes to shed some light on what a research assistant does and how valuable the job can be as a stepping stone, either towards higher education or to get your first work experience after studying.

In general, Olivia chose to study at Karolinska Institutet on a combination of warm recommendations, her gut feeling, and overall great impression of the university in both education and research.

I imagined KI being one step ahead – bringing together most different passionate people with most diverse backgrounds in medical sciences, and coming from all over the world. Also, I liked the idea of living and learning in Sweden.”

And now that she has been at Karolinska for some time, she is confident she made the right choice.

Through KI, I met people I never thought I would meet who inspired me to ideas I never thought I would have, and I came across topics I never thought I would be interested in or even work with. Life is full of surprises: Thus, I guess it’s good to have a plan, but also to be open and let things happen.”

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