Mina Makar - Health Informatics student from Egypt

Master's programme: Health Informatics 2012-2014
Country of residence: Egypt
Year of birth: 1984

Mina has a background as a medical doctor and was working in Cairo when life brought him to Sweden. Once in Sweden, the master's programme in Health Informatics at Karolinska Institutet caught his eye because of its unique combination of his two favourite interests - medicine and IT, and the possibility of being able to contribute and develop the health care field in a broader sense than 'just' working as a medical doctor. He had also received positive feedback from current students and graduates about the programme, and wanted to take the chance to study his passion at a prestigious university.

He is enjoying his time at Karolinska Institutet so far, confidently saying that:

The programme and the people at KI have been fantastic!

Mina adds that it is hard to pick one favourite memory from his first semester in Stockholm. The best moments all involve meeting new interesting people, which he states happens often at Karolinska Institutet.

As for his career prospects upon graduation, Mina hopes to be part of a team working to improve modern healthcare, either as a researcher or developing healthcare systems. He hopes that his master's in Health Informatics will help get him there.

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