Milica Putnik

Position: Postdoc, Dept. of Environmental Medicine (IMM).

Milica came to Karolinska Institutet because she longed to learn more about breast cancer cells, DNA, estrogen and epigentics and she knew that the environment she would find at KI would allow her to be submersed in this information.

The most valuable thing I have learned from KI is massive knowledge in breast cancer cells, DNA and estrogen, but more importantly, knowledge about working in an international and highly influential environment. Simply put, knowledge: knowledge is power!”

Her research focuses specifically on the ‘surface’ changes in the DNA and she found herself in Sweden for KI’s reputation and research capacities. For Milica, the PhD title is a bonus as she simply wanted to be amidst this great research facility and learn more about her subject. 

Milica hopes her time spent at KI will spur on her career in either something creative or influential.

The biggest assets I gained from KI are my network, and KI’s legacy – I look at my Doctoral Promotion Ceremony photos, and I already feel like a Nobel Prize winner!”

She plans to blog about both her research and her other interests, like science fiction, TV shows, Greek mythology, zodiac and zumba for example!

I want my voice to heard, because, as a friend and colleague once described me, “I have an opinion about everything”

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