Mauricio Duque - Public Health Economics, Policy and Management graduate from Colombia

Mauricio Duque Arrubla portrait

Programme: Master of Public Health (Economics, Policy and Management track)
From: Colombia
Born: 1968

I chose Karolinska Institutet (KI) because of the recognition of the university, and it is a dream I have had, to be admitted to KI, since my undergraduate studies

Mauricio has a wide background; he has both a Master in Business Administration and a Degree as a Pharmacist. Mauricio has had several professions in the pharmaceutical industry, and through these jobs gained extensive experience within the Public Sector and Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, and Technical Management applied to the pharmaceutical and devices industry.

The programme has absolutely met up to Mauricio's expectations so far. He has gotten a lot of experience from lecturers, new networking possibilities and a lot of knowledge from a completely new field.

My best memory so far from my time as a student at KI was when I got the opportunity to attend the Nobel announcement in Medicine!

Mauricio had the luck to be chosen as one out of two Digital Ambassadors to attend the Nobel in Medicine announcement. He has written about this in his blog, if you are interested to know more about it. Mauricio definitely thinks that his degree from Karolinska Institutet will be a component of importance when applying for jobs. But it depends a little on the country and the job of course. He says:

In Sweden my degree from KI is definitely important, in other countries people mostly related to research or the academic field really knows the true importance of KI, but KI certainly is a university and institution that is well known over the whole world.

In ten years from now Mauricio sees himself working in an organization, non - governmental, public or private with health economy issues and having worldwide impact with the job he is doing. Mauricio also wants to influence people in Colombia to come to Sweden to do a research career and he also wants to encourage Swedish institutions to work with his home country.


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Photo by Olle Nordell

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