Master's courses & Clinical Specialisation in Endodontics

Karolinska Institutet offers Master’s courses and clinical specialisation in Endodontics for participants with University Degree in Dental Surgery and a minimum of two years of clinical experience in general practice.


The aim of the master's courses is to offer residents specialist training with a broad and solid academic foundation. The education shall provide knowledge and skills needed for independent diagnosis and treatment in Endodontics, either as a solitary treatment or part of comprehensive oral health rehabilitation. Besides the main subject Endodontics, the education shall lead to solid knowledge in pedagogics, health care ethics and leadership.


The master's courses comprises three and half years of full time study conducted in English and follows a fixed timetable. Each week involves at least five half-day sessions with patient related clinical activities and one day with theoretical education. The clinic is equipped with the latest tools for modern endodontic dentistry i.e., digital radiography, ultrasound equipment and individual microscopes are available at all working units. The clinical activities include endodontic microsurgery every week. The remaining sessions are reserved for research, self-study, teaching, external courses and congresses. Each student has a tutor with extensive scientific, clinical and pedagogic experience making the studies highly individualised. Each resident will treat a minimum of 100 patients; most of the patients are adolescents. The treatments comprise the whole panorama of the endodontic field.

Examination, certificate and degree

A Certificate of Specialisation in Endodontics and a Master of Medical Science (120 credits) with a Major in Odontology is awarded after three and half years of full time studies, with acceptable performance in all separate parts and a pass in the final examination (conducted by an external examiner in presence of the Head of the Division of Endodontics). Legitimacy to work as a specialist in Sweden can only be given by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare to dentists who are registered as fully licensed dental practitioners in Sweden at the commencement of specialist training.

Master's courses as contract education

The master's courses are offered as contract education, in accordance with the Ordinance (SFS 2002:760) on Contract Education at Universities and University Colleges, and the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education's directions for Contract Education at Universities and University Colleges (HSVFS 2003:3).

Thus, the courses can be commissioned only by a legal entity - an organisation, company or the equivalent.

Eligibility requirements

Degree in Dental Surgery from a University recognised by Karolinska Institutet and a minimum of two years (full time) of clinical experience in general practice.


For further information, application instructions and requirements please contact:

Project coordinator

Kristoffer Mörtsjö

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 860 32

Project coordinator

Susanna Sjunneryd

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 864 32