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Social media is a great for networking whether you are studying, doing research or just thinking about your career. The digital channels are increasing, so make sure you make a choice and be consistent.


Writing a blog is a perfect way of improving your writing skills, improve your thinking, practising language if you perhaps write your blog in a second language. You can also meet new people, become more international, you can become more confident being exposed and well known and you will also have a digital `business card´ to hand out to prospective employers. Promote yourself or your interest, whether its research or flowers or sports. Blogging is also free and you can even earn money on it. Need tips to get started? Go to Top 10 Tips for Beginner Bloggers. 

Digital Ambassadors blogging for KI

Do you want to become a Digital Ambassador? 

Student going on an exchange and want to blog? Contact Karin Forslund

International Master Student and want to blog? Contact Jenny Enblom.

Want to blog as a PhD student or researcher at KI? Contact Career Service.

Get a LinkedIn profile

A profile on the professional network LinkedIn can provide unexpected opportunities. On LinkedIn, you can start building your own professional network of contacts that can prove to be valuable for you in your career. You never know, maybe it is your current classmates that after graduation helps you land your dream job! 

On LinkedIn you can follow interesting people, companies and organisations to learn more about the industry and what career opportunities there are in the field of your interest. You are furthermore always available for employers who are looking for suitable people to hire. In a way, your LinkedIn profile works as a virtual CV.

For more information about why you as a student can benefit from having a profile on LinkedIn, visit their own site for students.

Social media links

Follow the links to get to your favourite channels. Or find a new social media that suits you!

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