Maike Winters - Epidemiology student from the Netherlands

Programme: Master of Public Health (Epidemiology track)
From: the Netherlands
Born: 1986

After being exposed to the discrepancies in health systems around the world through her career as a freelance journalist in East Africa, Maike was convinced she needed to learn more about the cross-section between health care and human rights and developmental issues. She hopes to combine her previous exposure to development issues to an analytical mind using Karolinska Institutet’s world-renowned scientific reputation in epidemiology.

I had the feeling that I needed to learn more, to get actual skills to be able to work for an organization and to be more of an expert in the topics that I cover as a journalist.  I started looking around for Master programmes in Public Health and found a few very good ones in Sweden. KI’s reputation as a world-class university made the decision very easy.

KI was an attractive choice for Maike but she has surprised herself how much she enjoys the country and culture so far. She plans to travel more of the country, mostly the north, as it is such a different environment up there and the light is so drastic in both the winter and summer seasons.

I love the Swedish accent, it makes people sound so friendly and all the lectures are like musicals. Apart from that, I like the particular Swedish traditions. Kanelbullar day, Waffle day, Name day (Swedish names have each their own special day in the year, seriously!), St Lucia, and of course fika every day.

Maike hopes to combine her journalistic training with her public health and epidemiological lens in the future, aiming to make research more understandable for the general public. In the meantime, she is very happy to immerse herself in a new field, content that choosing KI was the right choise for her.

Almost every day we got to learn about a new field, or new topics in Public Health. I get very excited hearing about the possibilities we have after graduation. Studying here also broadens my network and gives me new valuable insights in public health issues in other parts of the world.


Maike has been interviewing and writing profiles for Karolinska Institute, see her work at 'People of Karolinska Institute'


Photo by Ulf Sirborn

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