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The pressures you can experience as a student can feel never ending. Give yourself the best possible chance to feel good and to have enough energy to manage your studies and enjoy your free time.

Most of us know it’s important to take care of ourselves and our health and most of us want to stay healthy and feel good long term. Still many of us choose not to attend to our personal needs in everyday life. Sometimes we all need to stop and reflect on the way we are living our lives. What do your basic needs look like? How can you make room for them without it feeling like another burden has been added to your other daily stressors?

How much is your health worth? How would you like to feel in your life? Most of us associate health with our bodies and physical needs. Although this is a big part of health, a healthy lifestyle may also involve taking care of your emotions, thoughts, relationships, social contexts, and intellectual needs.

We also need to feel secure in our lives to give us the confidence to engage in new experiences and to challenge ourselves. A number of activities within different life areas hence affect our health. The needs within areas are different for each one of us. What do they look like in your life? You are welcome to use this lifestyle diary, to map out your needs and actions needed within the different life areas. Use your own needs to create a model that benefits your health.

You can use the knowledge you have of yourself and your needs to create your own personal health model. You can also book a lifestyle/health consultation at the Student Health Centre to gain an even better picture of your lifestyle situation and your health needs, or read more in the Stockholm Health Guide in various languages.

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