Laura Werlen - Public Health Epidemiology student from USA

Programme: Master of Public Health (Epidemiology track)
From: USA
Born: 1988

Laura was thinking ahead at what she wanted her career to look like when deciding upon a master’s programme best suited for her. She found it important that her university be recognized around the globe with her interest to work internationally. She also wanted a good research-based education.

I chose to come to Karolinska Institutet both because of its excellent international reputation and because I knew that my program would provide me with a strong foundation for conducting research in the area of public health epidemiology. The opportunity to live in a European capital as beautiful and progressive as Stockholm was icing on the cake.

Now here, Laura appreciates her diverse classroom and the scope of the learning material her master’s programme offers. She is thrilled to be able to study and relax with fellow classmates and researchers who all add to her learning experience.

I never expected to have the opportunity to meet so many different researchers, which was made possible due to the system of inviting guest lecturers to help teach our courses. Karolinska Institutet brings people of great diversity together who are united by their passion for medical science.

The lack of teaching methods she has found at KI cultivate learning and collaboration in a while new way, she finds, saying it adds to her experience at KI by having such rich classroom discussions.

The educational system I have encountered in Sweden has both surprised and enriched me. I cherish the classroom culture of cooperation cultivated here as well as the instructors’ down-to-earth style.

Laura hopes to continue in the health research field, enjoying that her public health programme has only fuelled her passion further and will catapult her in the direction she wants to go.


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Photo by Ulf Sirborn

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