Kyriaki Liadaki

Position: Postdoc at Dept. of Laboratory Medicine (LABMED).

Kyriaki came to Sweden to attend Karolinska Institutet. The competitive medical university is known for its research and she knew it would be the place that could accelerate her career. Kyriaki’s research is focused on immunology and she gets to interact with people from all over the world.

I consider this a blessing and an opportunity: to ‘see’ better, think different and learn quicker. Everything under the prism of a Swedish Institution…”

She chose to be a digital ambassador to see things differently, outside of the scientific research world, and to be a voice for those interested in perhaps applying to KI or about to start their own research and want to learn more about the life of a researcher at this famous institution.

I mostly want to report things the way I see. For example, the weather, the country, the people are misunderstood by ‘outsiders’ and I think this is a bit unfair. Of course, sharing my experiences as a post-doc would benefit people that are interested in working at KI.”

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