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Mobile Campus is a university-wide mobile initiative to aggregate and deliver useful, usable, mobile-appropriate content to the Karolinska Institutet community, locally and worldwide.

The KI campus app was launched in spring 2015 and is just the starting point for providing a better mobile experience for Karolinska Institutet students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors.

KI Mobile Campus interfaces


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Get the latest news from the Karolinska Institutet newspaper which features latest news about community, arts and culture, and science and research. You can share articles using email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Navigate around Karolinska Institutet campuses by searching for classroom buildings, houses, and offices. The map will display the location, and you can zoom in, zoom out or scroll in any direction. You can also browse locations by type, such as libraries or museums.

Find a restaurant near you and check the opening hours. You can also see the restaurants exact locations on the campus maps.

Don’t miss out on anything! Stay up to date with what’s happening on campus and get more information about events and happenings from Ki and the student unions.  

KI Play
View videos posted by Karolinska Institutet including special events, athletics and student organizations.

Social Media
Get connected with KI social media and receive the latest updates from Karolinska Institutet official accounts, the student union MF, and news for prospective students at KI.

KI People
Search by first and last name for phone numbers, email addresses, and office location for Karolinska Institutet students, faculty and staff. Note that contact details vary and are informed by individual privacy settings.

KI Bus
Check the time table for Karolinska Institutet bus from Solna to Flemingsberg and backwards. Find where the bus station is located by using the view on the map feature

Book your training session with the KI health promotion and buy a KI gift through the app. More services will be added in the future.


Find a bug? Want to recommend a feature? Your ideas and usage will help the future development of KI’s mobile experience. Please send us your feedback.