Jingru Wang - Bioentrepreneurship student from China


Master's programme: BioentrepreneurshipJingru Wang
Country of residence: China
Year of birth: 1987

Jingru Wang has a long CV already, which includes research within diabetes. She chose Karolinska Institutet because of her interest in Sweden and the fact that the Bioentrepreneurship programme combines both life science and business.

KI has ranks well among the world's universities, and selects the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. KI has built up a fine reputation and therefore I'm proud of being a KI:er. It will be helpful during my job hunting.

The programme has met up to her expectations so far. She feels confident that she will gain plenty of business knowledge, and is looking forward to the two internship periods that enable her to build up her own network, a crucial part of career development.

Jingru is also happy about her first weeks at the university:

My best memory so far as a student at KI is the introduction day of the programme where I met all the students in my class and became friends with them. All of them and of course our teachers are truly nice.

She continues that she will try her hardest to work within the life science-industry in 8 to 10 years after graduation. She hopes to become a leader or a manager in a life science, perhaps pharmaceutical, company. After that, she wants to devote herself to an NGO, using her experiences of organisation and leadership to help those in need.

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