Jiehyun Choi - Master's in Toxicology student from Netherlands

Programme: Master's in Toxicology
From: Netherlands
Email: jie-hyun.choi@stud.ki.se
Blog: jiehyunchoi
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Jiehyun Choi - Master's in Toxicology student from Netherlands

The close connection between students and professors and the international environment made me feel very welcome.

Jiehyun applied to KI for its uniquely well-established master's degree in Toxicology; a course not offered at many universities. Her interest in the area came from her background in Psychobiology but she enjoys the diversity of her class, with their experiences ranging from the fields of chemistry and medicine to nutrition.

KI's international status is important to Jiehyun, particularly when thinking about future career options. Whilst she likes to keep her options open, Jiehyun can envision a role for herself either in industry or academia when she graduates!

... being able to learn from my fellow students allows me to broaden my knowledge even more.