Jiayao Lei - Public Health Epidemiology graduate from China

Jiayao Lei portrait

Master's programme: Public Health Sciences: Epidemiology
Country of residence: China
Year of birth: 1990

Before I came here the information from blogs and Renren and Weibo in China helped me in my KI application a lot. It is of great meaning to be an ambassador of KI for me; I want to share practical information about life in Sweden and KI with students worldwide through the Internet.

Jiayao is a public health student from China and has earlier been studying a bachelor in Preventive Medicine in Sun Yat-sen University in Shaoguan city, Guangdong Province in her homeland. At the University she also worked as an ambassador as well as the co-editor of a medical magazine for students.

Although she has just begun the program she already knows a lot what they are studying for the moment, because it's preventive medicine and therefor she recognizes the courses. But she thinks it will be different further on regarding to what she heard at the introduction of the public health programme.

She likes talking to the other students and she finds it especially interesting doing group work with Swedish girls. She says that all the people here are so nice and full of passion. The humor of the faculties impressed her a lot during the introduction week and she enjoys the creative and relaxing atmosphere in the class very much.

Walking around campus, the words "Nobel Prize" "famous medical research" and "excellent education" keeps bumping into my brain

When asking Jiayao if she thinks the fact that her degree will be from Karolinska Institutet is a component of any importance when applying for jobs she answers:

Definitely! I am so proud of KI.

Within ten years Jiayao hopes to work as a professional of public health and devoting herself in promoting health. She also says that being an ambassador for KI will give her a better understanding of KI and she can't wait to share all aspects about Karolinska Institutet which is really an ideal place to study.

Karolinska Institutet is the holy land for each medical student to study in and I really love Sweden.

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