Jakub Lewicki

Position: PhD student at the Dept. of Neuroscience (Neuro).

Jakub came to Sweden out of a love for the country and for Karolinska’s research reputation. He was thrilled to be immersed in an environment that encourages learning and development in everyone. With his passion for learning and sharing, it was a natural choice to apply to be a Digital Ambassador.

Because I believe in sharing things – sharing is critical for science. Not only data, but also your point of view and opinions or interests. It can be very inspiring for both sides. I want to blog about extraordinary things that I can experience thanks to KI. About cool side of science, things that make you say “wow”. I want also to blog a bit about beautiful side of science and how close it is from lab to the art studio.”

The field Jakub studies in is neuroscience and he is already convinced that the people he is meeting on a daily basis are starting to shape his personality. He sees KI as a career-defining education and believes that his time spent here will open many doors and opportunities in his future career. He loves Sweden so far and is confident he is in the right place for his PhD.

I wanted to be in an inspiring place that gives you opportunity to develop and learn.”

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