Interprofessional courses 14/15

We can offer interprofessional courses in English for our exchange students.

You apply for the course using the application form for your regular study programme. All the regular eligibility requirements apply. See below each course for specific elegibility requirements.

1EE021 Community- and Home Based Rehabilitation - Cultural Perspectives (7.5 ECTS credits)

The overall aim of this interprofessional course in Community– and Home-based Rehabilitation is to provide the students with knowledge about theoretical frameworks as well as practical tools in how to design, implement and assess the effects of intervention and technology in the home- and community-care in different cultures. Skills to identify, present and discuss ethical dilemmas in relation to culture, home- and community-care and how they impact the whole family will also be developed in the course. The course runs from 5 May to 5 June, 2015. Eligible to apply for this course are students with 120 higher education credits in health and care sciences.

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5HK001 Public Health Response in Disasters (20 ECTS credits)

What are health consequences of different disaster? How does one go about to meet the most urgent needs in disaster situations? These are focal questions in the course Public Health Response in Disasters. The course has two modules: Pre-disaster context and global health (8 ECTS) and Disaster response (12 ECTS). The first module starts out with a focus on the pre-disaster context and global health, as well as indirect and direct effects of disasters on health and health systems. The second module  focuses on disaster response related to public health. The course is part of an Erasmus Mundus Master: Public Health in Disasters, and runs from 1 January - 31 March 2015. Eligible to apply for this course are students with 180 higher education credits within health, public administration and/or social sciences.

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