How will the new Ladok-system affect you as a student at KI?

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Since 20 November, KI is using a new Ladok-system. As a student at KI, you have access to a new student interface in Ladok, where you will get an overview of your studies as well as do certain tasks on your own. 

In the new Ladok-system you are able to: 

  • Register for the courses you are taking
  • Print out study certificates
  • Apply for degree certificates

As of the end of this year, you will also be able to print out registration certificates in Ladok. If you need a registration certificate prior to the beginning of next year, please contact the Information desk at the library.

Web registration for courses

Prior to each new course occasion, you have to register for the course in Ladok.

Unless otherwise stated in the information for that specific course, the registration will be open one week before the course starts until two days after the course has started.

Make sure that your contact information in Ladok is correct

When logging in to the system for the first time, make sure that the contact information listed at “My pages” is correct. This is important to ensure that you receive important information regarding your studies.

Specify the email address where you prefer to receive study information, and also make sure that your postal address is correct.

Login with your KI-login at:

Ladok support

If you need help with navigating in the Ladok system, contact the department where the specific course is held or the Information desk at the library.