Health Informatics 2018-2019 (Courses given at Stockholm University)

Courses given at Stockholm University

The master programme in health informatics is given in collaboration with Stockholm University (SU), and therefore some courses from SU can also be made available. However, this requires an exchange agreement between your home university and SU. Currently, only students from Tata Institute of Social Science, India, and National University of Singapore, Singapore are eligible for studying at SU through this exchange. If you belong to this group of students, you can find out more about our SU courses here. 

Link to syllabuses at SU (use the code after the course name for your search) 

Course for students with background in healthcare and all other fields 

  • 4HI001 Supplementary Course in Computer Systems Science, 15 ECTS credits DSV/SU (24 Sep - 2 Dec) Course code SU ML012C

Semester 2 (spring)

  • SUHI012 Data Science for Health Informatics 7.5 ECTS credits DSV/SU (25 Mar - 9 June) Course code SU ML412N

Semester 3 (autumn)

  • SUHI013 Project management and tools for health informatics, 7,5 ECTS credits DSV/SU (3 Sep - 4 Nov) Course code SU ML413N
  • SUHI014 Introduction to information security, 7,5 ECTS credits DSV/SU (5 Nov – 20 Jan) Course code SU ML470C
  • SUHI015 Entrepreneurship, 7,5 ECTS credits DSV/SU (5 Nov – 20 Jan) Course code SU IB577C



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