Great Opportunities through MOOCs

In fall 2014 Karolinska Institutet launched their first massive open online courses (MOOC). The courses are available for everyone through the shared platform edX which gives KI great opportunities for the future.

Thousands of participants

For Karolinska Institutet offering MOOCs through edX means being able to reach out to thousands of people around the globe and at the same time develop new competences and collaborations. More than 50 000 people signed up for the first two MOOCs that started on September 9th 2014: Explore Statistics with R and Behavioral Medicine: A Key to Better Health.

Karolinska Institutet’s management therefore has high expectations, as former dean Jan-Olov Höög explains.

“I see a huge number of spinoff effects in MOOC. Karolinska Institutet gets global exposure and can attract good students in the international education arena. We also gain access via edX to others' expertise in education and technology, and can develop our own distance learning courses, while others gain access to our expertise. This could lead to exciting collaborations in the time ahead,” says Jan-Olov Höög.

Collaborating with the world elite

Being Sweden’s first university to offer massive open online courses, Karolinska Institutet finds itself in good company among some of the world’s leading educational institutions like Berkeley, Harvard and Boston University.

“Karolinska Institutet is one of the world leaders in its field and now meets the global demand for high quality university education. We have a lot to offer and we will be an important player in the international education arena,” says Jan-Olov Höög.

Democratization of education

In order to offer massive open online courses, KI has joined edX, which was founded by Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Anybody can sign up for the MOOCs, there are no fees or admission requirements. This makes it possible for KI to make education accessible for people all over the world, no matter what background they have, all they need is an internet connection.