Get inspired by a professor

The successful seminar series 'Get inspired by a professor' has started back up for spring semester 2015.

The lectures take place 12.15-12.45 by the library entrance on Campus Huddinge. Students are invited to take part in a lunch time lecture on an interesting topic while enjoying a sandwich and drink (on a first come, first served basis).

Stay posted to this page for updated information on the lecture topics. There are also lectures in the series held in Swedish only. 

You can also view past lectures on YouTube.

Lectures spring 2015


12 February: Magnus Ingelman Sundberg



26 February: The functional networks of the human brain
Peter Fransson, Department of Clinical Neuroscience



5 Mars: Bo Melin



12 Mars: Li Felländer-Tsai



19 Mars: Sabine Koch



9 April: Lars Weidenhielm



16 April: Agneta Ståhle



23 April: Catarina Almqvist Malmros



7 May: Jesper Lagergren



 21 May: Jonas Muhr