Explore Statistics with R

One of KI’s first massive open online courses (MOOC) is Explore Statistics with R. More than 34 000 participants signed up for this course in fall 2014, now you can take this MOOC as a self-paced course.

Self-paced course

Data analysis has become an important part in health care. KI’s MOOC Explore Statistics with R meets the demand of providing tools for statistical analysis of big data sets in this field. The MOOC offers basic concepts of statistics with examples from health care, at the same time you learn statistical programming with R, an open source program for statistical analysis.

Course Content

This web-based course has a length of five weeks during which you will

  • explore concepts in statistics that help you make sense out of data
  • learn the practical skills necessary to find, import, analyze and visualize data
  • learn broad tools for understanding statistical inference and statistical methods
  • perform complex calculations and visualizations
  • learn the basics of R

Course Leader

Explore Statistics with R is led by experienced teachers and researchers from Karolinska Institutet, who will guide you through the world of statistical analysis with the help of course videos, training exercises and examination exercises.

The course leader Andreas Montelius is a researcher and teacher at Karolinska Institutet. He designed and teaches a number of courses in statistics, including campus and online courses in Statistical programming with R and Gene Expression Analysis. Andreas earned his PhD at Molecular Neurobiology, Karolinska Institutet, in 2007. Andreas has been cofounder of start-up companies, in biotechnology and bioinformatics software development. As a teacher, Andreas has a solid reputation of making statistics fun and easy.