Elzbieta Kostrzewa

Position: Postdoc at the Center of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (KIND).

For Ela, moving to Sweden was all about a place that could offer her everything: incredible research opportunities, Scandinavian nature, and a loved one to join.

I love camping in the wild and sailing. These are two perfect ways for me to relax and recharge my batteries. I camped and sailed here before and I enjoyed every moment of it. I also hope to see the northern lights!”

Her research focuses on neurodevelopmental psychology, specifically the factors contributing to the development of autism and autistic traits in twins. Ela looks at environmental factors both before and after birth, in hopes that her work will identify new factors that could influence the development of autistic features. She is thrilled to be at Karolinska Institutet, a place she believes will stimulate and challenge her everyday.

On the one hand, being surrounded by smart and creative people will stimulate me to work hard and develop myself. I hope to get inspired and come up with new ideas which I can’t even predict right now. On the other hand, I plan to use the time at KI and the expertise of people around me to learn new skills and practice the skills I already have. I am sure that all the hard work, dedication and inspiring social network will open some new pathways for me.”

Ela has only just begun her research at KI but is already very much enjoying her life in Stockholm:

I am already enjoying the openness to foreigners which I have experienced ever since I came to Stockholm. I am looking forward to exploring new possibilities, taking up new challenges and meeting new people!”

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