Dudi Warsito

Position: PhD student at the Dept. for Oncology and Pathology (OnkPat).

Dudi strongly believes that scientists should be more active on social media, communicate with the public and take part in the discussions that occur online, which is why he wanted to be a KI Digital Ambassador. 

Scientists tend to live in their own isolated world where they only meet and communicate with other scientists. I would like to open up this world to the public and show who we are."

Dudi’s work focuses on cancer research, specifically a receptor called ‘insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor’ (IGF-1R). He is trying to understand how IGF-1R is transported into the nucleus and how it activates genes in cancer. This research could potentially explain why cancer patients that are treated with drugs that are supposed to block these receptors eventually develop resistance against these drugs.

The international atmosphere Dudi found at Karolinska Institutet during his BSc and MSc studies was the main characteristic that attracted him to the idea of pursuing his PhD at KI.

Working at KI means that you are part of a highly international, diverse and dynamic environment.  I’ve had the luck of meeting so many great people from all over the world and because of this I’ve been introduced to and gained interest in various things I previously had very little interest for."

Dudi is appreciative of this stimulating environment and strongly believes it will add something to his future career:

During my stay at KI, I’ve had the great opportunity to meet, study and work with a lot of people with various expertise’s from all over the world. I’ve grown my network beyond Sweden and Europe."

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