Daniel Yen - Health Informatics student from USA

Programme: Master of Health Informatics
From: USA
Born: 1987

Daniel Yen portrait

Ten years from now, Daniel hopes that he'll have completed a PhD in health sciences. Ideally, he wants to work in close collaboration with the public sector and academia to translate research to clinical practice and improve the quality of healthcare. He can also see himself working with developing nations to implement systems and policies to improve the infrastructure of their healthcare systems. He really looks forward to seeing how studying at KI will shape his future.

He went to The College of New Jersey where he took a Bachelor in Science with majors in Biology and English. He has a passion for communication and teaching - especially for making science accessible to the general population.

I have enjoyed the Health Informatics Programme thus far. We have had a lot of lectures from doctors, nurses, researchers, dentists, policy makers and etc. that have illustrated how valuable health informatics is becoming. I'm always learning and hope to begin my contributions to the field in the near future.

Daniel chose Karolinska Institutet for a variety of reasons: Karolinska is a research-oriented university (and he would like to go further in his studies), KI is rated well and is doing a tremendous amount of health informatics work with local, regional and international partnerships.

My favourite memory so far is meeting up with the other international students for a scenic picnic. We were situated near the top of a small cliff with a breathtaking view of the riverside. Around 40 students exchanged food, ideas, hopes and dreams - it was amazing to meet so many people who wanted to help change the world and make it a better place.

The international market is very important when looking at health informatics and understanding its many potential applications. Daniel thinks that the experiences and relationships he will have during his stay at Karolinska will help him develop into a very competitive candidate, no matter which job he is applying for.


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Photo by Olle Nordell

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