Christina Regenbogen

Position: Postdoc at the Dept. for Clinical Neuroscience (CNS).

Christina’s path to Karolinska Institutet was through her principal investigator, but now that she is here she is enjoying being in Stockholm and is looking forward to sharing her experiences to potential applicants.

I would have appreciated this information platform before I applied for a position here and would have benefited from other people’s experiences; so this is my main motivation now: help people in their decision process whether this looks like an attractive place for them. Sharing experiences of my happy and my challenging days in Sweden."

She works in the lab during the day, with her research focusing on multisensory processing, olfaction and neuroscience. There are always new things to learn and Christina can’t decide which part of her life has the biggest learning curve yet!

Right now, I am learning new things every day and it is difficult for me to disentangle where they stem from: the lab I work in, my department, KI, Stockholm…”

Despite the overwhelming nature of starting something new, she is confident that KI will be a stepping stone to a job that will fulfill her as much as her current position.

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