Chen Wang - Public Health epidemiology student from China

Programme: Master of Public Health (Epidemiology track)
From: China
Born: 1990

Chen has been very impressed with his experience in Stockholm and Karolinska Institutet thus far, enjoying the Swedish culture and the informal teaching style he finds here.

The teachers and professionals here are crazy about sciences and look forward to meet new ideas and thoughts from students, and be able to catch the questions thrown out by students. Thus, students can freely show their own prospective during the class or even doubt what they will be taught.

Karolinska Institutet’s reputation is what attracted Chen to complete his masters studies in Stockholm, especially the reputation as a medical university focused on disease surveillance and public health, and welcomes the challenges his future courses may present.

KI is well-known for high ranking among the greatest medical universities and its excellence in teaching and research in the arena of public health and disease control, including technological and policy improvements. KI also has fruitful experiences in enhancing public health and controlling disease. What I expect to meet in the courses in the future might have more practice and interaction combing with lectures such as problems-solved/cases-based practice and lecture.

Not only is he enjoying his studies in Stockholm, he is taking advantage of the very positive cycling culture in the city and he is often found with his bike helmet on, ready to explore Stockholm.

In Sweden, my favourite thing about Sweden is that I can freely travel both in Stockholm by bike due to the well-established bike road and crystal clear air. Once, I saw an advisement says” This one ’bike’ runs on fat and saves you money, this one’ car’ runs on money and makes you fat.” Yes, It is what Swedish’s lives are.


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Photo by Ulf Sirborn

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