Carolina Savatier-Dupré Bañares - Master of Molecular Techniques in Life Science student from Spain/France

Programme: Master of Molecular Techniques in Life Science
From: Spain/France
You can contact me in: English, French and Spanish
Blog: carolinasavatierdupre

Karolinska Institutet’s reputation as one of the best medical universities in the world and Stockholm’s election as one of the best cities to live in was the perfect combination that made me decide to move here.

Carolina has spent the last year working as a cancer research assistant at KI. After seeing how research at Karolinska Institutet contributes to improving the lives of people worldwide, she jumped at the chance to remain part of the community through a Master’s in Molecular Techniques in Life Science. A unique collaboration between Stockholm's top universities; Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University.

Growing up in France and Spain, Carolina is used to juggling different cultures and languages. She is enjoying immersing herself in Scandinavian culture and experiencing Swedish traditions. She loves the atmosphere in Stockholm and has been ‘captured’ by the smell of coffee and cinnamon blowing around the city.

You should check out her blog about what it’s like to juggle being a student at three universities whilst working in a laboratory at the same time.

Carolina is "absolutely convinced" that a degree from Karolinska Institutet will put her in the lead over other candidates applying for the same position. She hopes to have a promising future as a scientific researcher and continue to actively contribute to the research community at KI.