Your first job - and then what? How to map out your career path

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2017-03-2312:00 to 13:00 Torget, Alfred Nobels Allé 8, University LibraryCampus FlemingsbergCareer Service

You are a promising student at Karolinska Institutet. Your future is bright and you are here to complete your studies. Perhaps you have already received a job offer. But what about the longer term?

This seminar gives you the unique opportunity to explore your talents and transferable skills and how to present these in job interviews and your career. In addition, you will start thinking about your goals and career direction which fits you best.  

Career Service has invited International career counsellor and student employability expert Mrs. Irith Kist, LLM, MA, BA to elaborate on your questions and give you advice to bring along . She will get you started thinking about you future. You will leave this seminar with many questions asked and answered. You will feel enriched and confused, and there will be time to reflect on your questions in the future as well.

At the end of your studies may be just the right moment to stop and reflect on what direction you should take. But you are just as welcome if you started your studies and are curious on what happens after graduation.

Sandwiches and drinks are served from 11.30 - first come first served. Welcome!


About the speaker

The workshop will be given by international career counsellor and expert in student employability Mrs. Irith Kist, LLM, MA, BA, who finished three MA degrees and travelled through many countries and organizations to search for her talent, ambitions and goals until she found out that all was with her all the time. 

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