With a PhD you can do anything! CANCELLED

2016-11-0917:00 to 18:00 KIB Torget, Berzelius väg 3, Campus SolnaCampus SolnaCareer Service

With the highest level of education, PhD-qualified bioscientists and students have a wide range of career options open to them, from the specialist to the generalist. Welcome to a career seminar presented by Sarah Blackford, author of 'Career planning for research bioscientists'.

Depending on how wedded you are to your specific knowledge and skills, you will aspire to different careers (although research shows the majority thirst for academia). However, forces beyond your control will also conspire to influence your future, such as the job market, technological developments, geography, politics and prejudices. Theories abound regarding career planning and management, but how are they put into practice in the real world? How do they relate to highly qualified academic researchers and students?

Open to all members of the institute, this seminar will reveal the drivers and influencers of your career. It will help to show you how to make effective career choices in an uncertain world and remain resilient against the tide of inevitable change.

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About Sarah Blackford

Sarah Blackford (BSc, MA) is an academic career consultant with a background in bioscience research and scientific publishing. With 15 years’ experience delivering a wide range of career support to PhD students and early career researchers, Sarah runs specialized career development workshops and offers one-to-one guidance and coaching across Europe and in the US. Her workshops are based on her book, “Career planning for research bioscientists” and include career issues such as self-awareness, how to make informed career choices, the job market and finding opportunities outside of academia, networking and communication, CV writing and successful interview technique. She also offers individual one-to-one career guidance. Sarah believes that effective personal career development lies at the heart of a successful and fulfilling career. Much of her advice and resources are published on her blog, www.biosciencecareers.org

Contact person: Anethe Mansen