2017-02-1507:00 to 23:00OtherMedical Student’s Association

As is tradition, The Sports Committee (Idrottsutskottet) organizes a sports day for all students on the fifth Wednesday of the term.

This term we have some new exciting activities to offer. None of the activities require any previous experience. More information can be found on the Sports Committee's Facebook page.

 The below listed activities will be available. 

1. Romme Skitrip 
Whole day (Registration required) 
2. SATS Torsplan
3. Friskis & Svettis Hagastan
4. Climbing
5. Swimming with Med-SM
6. Running with Med-SM
7. Soccer with Med-SM
8. Volleyball with Med-SM
9. Ice hockey
10. Yoga
11. Pole dance
12. Self defence
13. Bounce