Networking Essentials (1) at CHaSE

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2017-03-0909:15 to 09:45 Erling Perssonsalen Aula MedicaCampus SolnaCareer Service

A strong professional network is more useful to your career than you might think, connecting you with key opportunities, introducing you to valuable mentors, helping you to find useful information and creating positive relationships with colleagues. At the same time networking is probably simpler than you expect, once you understand the basic principles that make it work.

In this brief lecture you will learn some practical techniques that you can use immediately to make your networking efforts at CHaSE more effective.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about specific problems both just after the lecture and throughout the day. Andrew Hennigan will be at the career fair giving on site support eye to eye all day, and also throught text messages on this number 073 089 44 75.

Register for the fair HERE and select lecture 09.15 

NB Andrew will also offer the same lecture at 13.10 (separate registration).

About the speaker

Andrew Hennigan is a lecturer, freelance journalist and speaker coach based in Stockholm who teaches networking and influencing workshops for companies, business schools and universities.

He is also author of the book “Payforward Networking” based on his business school courses and writes regularly about networking and influencing techniques.

Contact person: Emma Hägg