It’s the job seekers market – discover your benefits with Linkedin Nordics CEO

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2017-02-1712:00 to 13:00 Gustaf Retzius, Berzelius väg 3Campus SolnaCareer Service

Take the opportunity to hear Linkedin Nordics CEO Lisa Gunnarsson talk about her view of the current recruitment trends in the health sector. Discover what’s about to change in the upcoming 3 years and how you can benefit.

The recruitment business is changing and public sector is now the most well penetrated market in the Nordics. But what do we have to do to make recruiters find us? Which companies are headhunting on LinkedIn and how can this benefit you?  

Let Lisa answer all your questions. She will also give you a guided tour of other functions on the platform, teach you how to optimize your Linkedin profile and give you her best tricks on how to leverage your network.

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Contact person: Emma Hägg
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