How to plan your first postdoc

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2016-09-1212:00 to 13:00 Strix, Von Eulers väg 4 B Campus SolnaCampus SolnaCareer Service

Career options outside academia are plentiful, yet for those who consider science an irremediable obsession, a postdoc is the way forward.

Welcome, to listen to Riccardo Guidi, postdoc at The Francis Crick Institute in London, sharing his experiences. Today, postdoc’s recognition has never been higher, resulting in better working conditions and salaries. At the end of their experience, most postdoc continue to work for the scientific research enterprise, and prestigious positions in biotech companies are for an elected group of postdoc-experienced.

At this meeting, we will nail what you need to do to secure the postdoc of your dreams. From understanding what you want to do (and where in the world), to the CVs, the phone calls and the travelling: you’ll become the perfect planning machine.

Target group PhD students.

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What you will get from the meeting:

  • Understand your science interest and why that’s not the most important thing at the moment
  • Where are the best postdoc positions and why should I sell my kidney to get there?
  • 3 common mistakes in CV and cover letters I see my friends and colleagues make when looking to a position
  • The profile of the Principal Investigators you don’t want to work for
  • Your polished interview

About the speaker

Riccardo Guidi is a Karolinska Institute’s PhD in Medical Science, and currently a Postdoc at The Francis Crick Institute in London. He contributed to 7 original papers, of which 4 as first author, and secured a Marie Cure Individual Fellowship in 2015. Riccardo talks and writes about science outside academia: he is a former communication manager of the Centre of Gender Medicine in Karolinska; the winner of a national science-communication competition (FameLab); and the curator of SciencePlug .

Riccardo is starting a new postdoc fellowship at Genentech, a biotech company in San Francisco.

LinkedIn https://uk.linkedin.com/in/riccardoguidi

Twitter https://twitter.com/RiccardoGuidi87

Contact person: Anethe Mansen