Get ready for the job interview - workshop

2016-02-0309:00 to 12:00 Room 218, second floor, Retzius väg 13 a-b, Campus SolnaCampus SolnaCareer Service

Join interview trainer Mary-Rose Hoja for this productive interview workshop that will help you sharpen your interview techniques. Seats are limited to 12 people and the workshop is open for students, master students, PhD students, postdocs and researchers.

Interview expert Mary-Rose Hoja will be showing us interview techniques and tricks to nail your job interview and we will be doing mock interviews. To prepare for the workshop, we will provide you with a job ad. The workshop and mock interviews will be based on the job ad. We are doing this to make this close to the real-life situation.

We'll mix theory and practice. You will learn: 

  • how to prepare before, act during, and follow-up after the interview
  • how to gauge the organisation’s culture
  • verbal and visual communication skills
  • your appearance, surroundings, body language
  • active listening
  • what to say

You will probably also interview by phone or face-to-face on Skype, and remote interviews are harder to prepare for than regular ones. So, we will go through Skype interview techniques too, including how to deal with technical issues.


About Mary-Rose Hoja

Dr Mary-Rose Hoja is a sought-after LinkedIn Trainer/Speaker who helps you develop, promote & profit from your LinkedIn Profile. She also trains students & professionals at Karolinska Institutet to prepare for job interviews. She is featured in TED & Science.

If you want step-by-step help with developing, promoting & profiting from your LinkedIn Profile, Mary-Rose has a great online course for this at https://www.creategreatlinkedinprofiles.com. The course is available for a limited time only. 

Contact person: Emma Hägg